JBB - Jaros Baum & Bolles



Here’s what some of our staff say about working with us:


JB&B is an integral partner of the building team, working alongside architectural firms and developers, providing mechanical, electrical and building services design for our projects.

Sure we offer great salaries and benefits, but what truly sets us apart is our reputation for performance and innovation. We’re proud to say that this garners a huge share of highly prestigious and exciting projects.

But we’re most proud of our devotion to continually increasing the knowledge and expertise of engineers who start their careers with JB&B. From Day One, they are teamed up with a senior engineer/mentor. This and other training are part of the everyday work environment.

Working on challenging projects every day results in a tremendous amount of valuable and diverse experience. This translates to fantastic career opportunities, which are only limited by ability and desire.

Many of our engineers have been with our firm for the majority of their careers–clearly a strong indication of their personal and career satisfaction.